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A sample of products & projects undertaken by S&S Systems

        Electronic and Hardware Projects

Anti-aliasing Signal Analysis system
Patent Applied For (dti Smart Award Winners 2001-2002)

Our sister company has overcome the Nyquist and Shannon limitations on data capture. No analogue or digital filtering is required to retrieve unambiguous signals of more than 1000 times the Nyquist limitation. For example, with a sampling rate of 2KHz, which normally yields frequencies up to 1KHz, Holistic Signals Ltd can retrieve signals in excess of 1.5MHz

See our sister company's web site for full details -> Holisitic Signals Ltd
  • 'Fly Counter' remote logger and analyser using IR and microcontrollers
  • 'CatWatch' microcontroller unit to safely scare away cats from gardens
  • Probation Services 'client' auto-reporting and statistical programs
  • Auto self regulating micro-controller Magnetic Non-Destructive Testing control units with self linearising RMS drift regulated digital control (DTI assisted project)
  • 7,500 Amp cpu controlled high current pulser (Ross & Catherall plc, Vickers)
  • Gas Monitoring CPU Control Units (Molecular Controls Ltd)
  • Hearing Enhancing Devices and Loop Systems, 'Sonata' and 'Symphony' (Portland College for the Disabled)
  • Oil Mist Detection, logging for explosive conditions on board ships (KFP)
  • Fire Alarm Repeater logging (KFP)

  • Magnetic Level Detectors, MAGNETEC - Peak and RMS versions
  • Peak, RMS & Average Hall Effect Current and Magnetic Flow Analog Digital Meters and Gauss Probes for Non-Destructive Testing Industry
  • CCU - Central Control Unit for remote control of 32 i/o lines, 8 a/d inputs and 2 d/a outputs via serial port
  • Hard Disk Units for computer systems (UK & Export)
  • Fibre Optic and Microprocessor Level Detection Units for the Petro-Chemical Industry (Meta Export)
  • Turkey Auto Counting system (Bernard Matthews Ltd)
  • Chemists Auto Ordering system via telephone lines (Barclays & Sons)
  • Interfaces and Software - specialised (Ministry of Agriculture, Rutherford Labs, Atomic Research Establishment)
  • Data Logging/Analysis systems (Health & Safety Executive)
  • Spectrophotometry system for glass (Pilkingtons PLC)
  • Chemical Integrator system (Health & Safety Executive)
  • Factory Plant Control (Raleigh Cycles)
  • Particle Size Capture and Measurement (Cadbury Schweppes)
  • Graphics Studio (Swedish client)
  • Plastic Film Heat Sealing Unit for the packaging industry (UK & Export)
  • PresFax 100 Keypad for schools and industry (originally distributed by Schofield & Sims, UK)
  • Cmos ROM/RAM data storage for the Apple Computer, DMSAID (UK & Export)
  • Input/Output Interface for the Apple Computer, DMSIO (UK & Export)
  • RGB Colour system for the Apple //c, Peacock (UK & Export)
  • RGB Colour system for the A//e, DMSC12e (UK & Export)
  • RGB Colour system for the A][, DMSC12 (UK & Export)
  • Kitchen Design system (UK & Export)
  • Machine Analysis in Plastic Injection Moulding Factories (McAlpines Ltd)
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  • Computer Telemetry Linkup for oil companies (BP, Antwerp)
  • Particle Measurement (Health & Safety Executive)
  • Beer Product Analysis (Greenhall Whitley)
  • Beer Profile Testing (Bass Brewery)
  • X-Ray Analysis (Medical Research Council)
  • Gas and Explosion Drift Analysis (Health & Safety Executive)
  • Weather Data Logging system (Health & Safety Executive)
  • Chemical Plant control in Universities (UK Universities)
  • Tote Betting system and Ticket Machines for greyhound stadiums, all CPU controlled (Nottingham Stadium)
  • Oil Rig Stress Analysis in use in the North Sea (Hodder Holdings Ltd)
  • Heater Temperature Regulators (Pig Farming industry)
  • CPU Fusion Control Unit for gas pipes, preliminary spec (British Gas)
  • Fusion Control Unit for gas pipes (British Gas)
  • Dead Man's Handle system (2 Patents taken out by Rolls Royce)
  • Car Generator Regulator system (Congreves Ltd)
  • Spark Erosion Machine for the tooling industry (Eroda Machinery Ltd)
  • CPU control system for Magnetic Crack Detection machinery (RAF via Johnson & Allen Ltd)
  • Gauss Meters for aircraft industry (RAF, BOAC)
  • Auto CPU control unit for Magnetic & Current Flow Crack Detection machinery (RAF via Johnson & Allen Ltd)
  • Ultrasonic Flaw Detection Units for the steel industry (Johnson & Allen Ltd)
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       A selection of Handicapped products we have designed and provide

Click on the thumbnails below to see more details on these products.

       Digi-gauss Precision Magnetic Sensors for use in Non Destructive Testing, NDT

visit www.johnsonandallen.co.uk, our distributors, to see more details on these products.

       Opto and Galvanically Isolated (1kV) SPI Interface Boards to connect the Raspberry Pi Computer

       and any SPI Microcontroller, eg Arduino, Atmel, Microchip PICs, etc, to the Real World

visit www.zeal-electronics.co.uk, our distributors, to see more details on these products.

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