S&S Mission Statement

To help our clients become more profitable through the use of our products and services, thus enabling and encouraging them to continue purchasing our products and services.

We respect our customers' privacy. Your private information remains private when you visit us or purchase from us. We do not release any customer information to others, and we use that information only to ship and support the products you order. We never send unsolicited e-mail (spam) and we're horrified that others do. We do not use 'cookies' to track your online behavior, nor any tricky Java or JavaScript to obtain information without your knowing it. The only time that any information about you is transmitted to us is when you knowingly send it to request a catalog or place an order. Other than your form entries, the only additional data we may obtain is your browser and screen configuration so that we can tailor our site design for best performance. Even this innocuous data is never linked to individual customer records, just merged into statistics. The only unsolicited communication you may receive from us is an updated catalog by mail, or a postcard announcing a new product. If you wish to be excluded from these mailings, just let us know.

When you access a commercial site on the Internet, you pay part of the cost of that company's marketing. That's indirectly true of other media, but the 'net brings it sharply into focus. We are acutely conscious of the fact that you are spending your time and/or money to receive our marketing message. In recognition of this, we try to spend your time and money wisely. That's why this site is formatted as simply as possible.

S&S History

The founders' original company started in 1973 specialising in electronic design, manufacturing and servicing. In 1978 they designed the first micro auto tote betting system using 80 micros networked together. In 1979 they designed and implemented a range of accountancy business control systems to run on the Apple ][ range of computers and in 1984 they were the first in the world to release an accountancy product for the new Apple Macintosh range of computers, developed on Lisa's in 1982.

Because the financial side of a business is so critically important, they developed systems over the years using the advanced features of the Macintosh PC. This enables straight forward and intuitive ease of use and ensures that users can immediately start productive work in as little as one day after installation. This is the S&S standard aimed at helping users generate income and resulted in the world-wide release of three accounting products in their AstrA Desk Top Accounting range. The entry level system is called Overture followed by the multi-user and EPOS system, first released in 1986, called Premier, which is now accepted as the standard by Apple Dealers and the Macintosh community throughout the world.

A world-wide dealer network was established and S&S were the first to create a Russian accountancy Macintosh product and now have versions, dealers and users throughout the world, eg in the UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, Gibraltar, Malta, New Zealand, Hungary, Russia, Latvia, Japan, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Zambia, Tanzania, etc. The new Millennium for PC and Mac range contains over 3000 enhancements to ensure that it remains the standard and includes enhanced features such as Multi-Currency with Euro (ECU) currency support, Multi-Warehousing, Multi-Language Invoicing, Multi-Departments, etc. and offers a true PC and Mac cross-platform system.

In addition to our accountancy products we concentrate on specialised electronic system design for the Non-Destructive Testing Industry and Handicapped use. We write bespoke software for Industry and the Legal Profession. We have a broad clientele base which therefore gives us an insight into a wide range of problems.

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